Representation for Death Penalty Sentencing Mitigation

April Cassidy can provide valuable service and representation for death penalty sentencing mitigation for you or your loved one?  If you or someone you love have been sentenced to a penalty of a death due to a conviction then considering ways to mitigate the ultimate penalty is undoubtedly a source of concern and anxiety.

Federal Sentencing Proceedings

A criminal defense attorney’s primary objective is to either get the charges dismissed or get an acquittal. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option in every case, and despite your attorney’s best efforts, you are convicted of a crime. At that point, it’s critical to keep fighting to make sure you aren’t saddled with penalties you don’t deserve.

State Sentencing Proceedings

If you have been convicted of a crime in Texas, you need an experienced post-conviction sentencing proceeding attorney at the important hearing which will determine the exact penalty you face. Working with a criminal defense lawyer throughout the process – including in the sentencing phase – can provide a defendant with an opportunity to mitigate one’s sentence. Criminal attorney April Cassidy has successfully represented clients during the sentencing proceedings following their conviction. To schedule a free and confidential initial consultation.

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